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10/13/17 07:02 AM #1    


Douglas Henkle

"Should the HPHS Class of 1959 hold a 60th reunion?"

     Of course, yes!  I would love to attend it, but 2019 is still two years from now.  Since our 50th, during 2010-2017 we have lost 25 classmates, with 10 of them just in the last two years.  We haven't had a Reunion since our 52nd on Sat. Sep. 17, 2011.  While we can still include those friends who might pass away in the next two years, is there any possibility at all of having a 58th or 59th Reunion?

Doug Henkle, Ripon, WI,


11/21/17 07:11 PM #2    


Mike Resnick

Just won the Galaxy Award -- that's China's highest science fiction award -- as Most Popular Foreign Writer. That's the 10th country I've won an award in (and I'm the all-time leading American award winner for short science fiction, 4th when you add in novels). Been an interesting half century: I've been flown to France, England, Slovakia, China, and next week Spain to meet fans/readers, and I still feel like a productive member of society. I'm 75, I had 6 books out this year, and I'm editing a bi-monthly magazine. Alas, I've lost touch with just about everyone from HPHS, but this web page lets me keep track of you all.

-- Mike Resnick

11/22/17 07:56 AM #3    

Michael Lewis


Congratulations! What terrific honors. Deserved, but still great honors. I see that your daughter is also highly successful in the same field.

So, who does the translating to Chinese, and how faithful is it to your original work? Or are they reading you in English? And when will you decide to speak at Miami's Book Fair -- the nation's largest?

It all shows what a good education can produce. Cheers!


11/23/17 02:29 PM #4    


Ronald Weiland

Hello Editor,

I had posted a general comment or thought of how I admired our fellow classmates and what they have achieved throughout the last 60 years.

That off the cuff thought was one I had in reading the site including all of the young men that had lost their lives prematurely. I specifically mentioned some of the outstanding young Women who had left us so early, which was painful when I read those names.

I was then criticized openly for my sincere comment by a classmate who I do not know or remember for some gender issue which I felt was totally out of line for this forum. Obviously, some left-wing Liberated fool.

In reading the comments today I did not see mine posted, which is wrong by any journalistic standards.

I feel censoring my comment selectively by the powers that be here is not acceptable. I am and was a graduate of the class of 1959. I was always an individualist, and still am. Perhaps I did not fit into the social norms of the class of 1959, I do not know that but that does not give the editor the right to decide what to print unless it is scathing and not called for rhetoric.

You see, In High School, I had lived with a totally dysfunctional Father, and was seeing a fantastic Man. Dr. Goodman in Highland Park a Psychologist, recommended by our Dean Mr. Mark Panther and my Home Room Advisor Ted Repsholdt for four years. My Father, Henry C. Weiland beat me almost daily, worked me to death without pay, pushed my mom down flights of stairs, humiliated her and finally caused her demise, when she burned to death in a fire, in Lake Forest above the Movie Theater. I started drinking way to access, joined AA at 29, and have been sober Continuously for over 45 years up to and including this day.

I left Him and Highland Park, never to speak to him again. I started to build my life in California, as he ran me down all over my hometown to anyone who would listen. I feel that pressure of my youth actually caused my only Divorce after nine years, and 2 lovely daughters and a premier Woman Susan Wilson Weatherburn another of our classmates, who lived in Bannockburn.

I immediately went on to join the United States Marine Corps and after that went to College, Graduated with honors and was self-employed my entire working Career as a prominent International Management Consultant, In San Francisco, traveling the Entire World doing deals for High net worth Individuals.

Simultaneously I founded and changed, along with Federal Express a totally new way to distribute Fresh Flowers from the Sources Worldwide, directly to the end user, changing the Floral industry's methods which is a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry. I basically retired at 55 yrs of age, always keeping my financial worth private, which is substantial. Recently, three years ago I was recruited by Amazon and was paid handsomely to put together their worldwide distribution for " Amazon Fresh" their fresh food 'to your door delivery", working from my Home office.

In closing, I earned a sizable income, along with international fixed assets, managed by the Deutch Bank, so in a full life comparison, I feel my story has been finally told, as now I am basically disabled and been told my days are now one at a time and diminishing rapidly.

Thanks my dear classmates and friends for Reading, as I write this Thanksgiving day, 11, 23, 2017

I love each and every one of you.

Ronald Cole Weiland. 

11/23/17 06:08 PM #5    


Janet Hitchcock (Mills)


You have done yourself proud. You owe no one an explanation for your statement. Hold your head high and know how successful you have become. I am sorry for your failing health. Semper Fi Marine.


11/23/17 08:07 PM #6    


Ronald Weiland

Janet Mills,

A beautiful Classy Woman.

Thank You for your Kind Words. Your Special.


Ron Cole Weiland


11/25/17 11:47 AM #7    


Richard Albin, M. D.

Ron, I did not know you at HPHS.  Based on your unedited post I wish I had.  You were certainly "entitled" to victimhood but fortunately for you and our country you chose to be in charge.  Your life should be held up as an inspiration to all.  Since you were able to grow above and beyond your early environment it enabled you to more clearly see the current shortcomings and ills of our country.  Most importantly you chose to act on your insight and worked to elect our current president.  I was saddened to learn of your unfortunate health situation and wish you the best.  Your life has made the world a better place which is all one can hope to achieve.  Thank you for your service both active duty as well as post discharge. 

Rick Albin

11/26/17 08:31 AM #8    


Ronald Weiland

Hello Rick,

I do remember you. I remember you as a kind delightful guy. I have a vision today of you and I passing

in various locations, including one class together. I remember a guy who had no self-imposed boundaries

and was open to being friends with the broad spectrum of personalities we did have at HPHS.

You definitely were on the ground floor to start your path to your chosen profession, healing.

Look back at your Professional life and I am sure you transferred your openness and kindness directly to you Patients and Colleagues, over and above your Healing powers.

Your letter was very warm and caring which compelled me to respond in like. I live in California most of my adult life which kept bringing me back. I am now living with my lovely wife in Marin County, California and spend time working on special projects, solving difficult logistical problems for Amazon, and relaxing on my boat in the Tiburon, Ca Yacht Club. If you ever get up that way, it would be wonderful to share some moments sixty years later going under the Golden Gate Bridge, especially in the late evening.

Thank You for the warm words Dr. Rick, and may God Bless you and yours.


Ronald Cole Weiland

11/26/17 09:13 AM #9    

Lynne Carey (Hellman)


What a wonderful, inspirational story of your life's journey!  I worked in a domestic violence shelter for 34 years and was inspired daily by people who overcame terrible home situations and went on to lead productive, healthy lives.  Those of us who grew up in loving homes will never fully know what the victims of child abuse and domestic violence have had to endure.

Blessings to you and thank you for sharing your life story!

Lynne Carey Hellman


11/26/17 04:02 PM #10    


Mary Rose (White)


I wish you God's Speed.


11/27/17 10:12 AM #11    


Ronald Weiland

Hello There,

Hello to the previous Ladies who sent me well wishes and a bit of understanding. Just a short note about my letter. For years I have felt that I left much undone at HPHS. Truth, I was a hell-raiser, but in actuality, I did make many long-lasting friends. Actually there were many, Chuckie Dixon, who has since passed, and I have been in touch ongoing with Marty Gmeiner, and surprisingly the Parents of a beautiful girl from Germany who joined us Sabina Mattenheimer whom I dated for two years, her folks were doing Cancer Research Work at Pres St. Lukes in Chicago, she went on to NYC, married a famous Plastic Surgeon and as a model she was on the cover of Mademoiselle magazine, and of course the beautiful Sandy Grabel, or Mrs. Henry Kite from Chicago and many others. I guess I did have many long-lasting Pals from days long gone. Personally, it bothered me that I had left such a colorful and sometimes over the top impression, in retrospect just childish attention seeking behavior because I was all fouled up. I feel better now that finally, I was able to set my personal record straight, this time to seek no attention, rather writing it to myself to clear away the wreckage of the past. The unexpected results were to have my final reunion with HPHS, reunions I passed up as I was embarrassed to face my peers after my outlandish display of behavior displayed at HPHS, my proud alma mater, the illustrious class of 59'


11/29/17 06:22 AM #12    

Joel Hochberger

Hi Ron,  Thanks for sharing your story with us.  So sorry to hear about your current health situation. I wish you well.    Note:  I didn't see your previous message.  Doesn't matter though. Again, I wish you well.  Joel Hochberger

11/30/17 01:08 PM #13    

Faith Johnson

Hi Ron,
Wow!  What a story!   We don't know who we're passing in the halls or sitting next to in class - the abuse and hardships one may be facing, and how much kindness to all is needed.  I did not know you at HPHS; I found your story very moving; love your transparency.  My heart aches for your Mother and for you - suffering deeply during high school and watching her suffer.  I wonder, have you read People of the Lie by M. Scott Peck?  It sounds like you lived with a father who was evil.  I am thankful you were directed to Dr. Goodman and later went to AA.  Your life was redeemed!  I admire greatly those who qualify to serve in the Marines.  Thank you for serving.  You have many gifts and thankfully are still exercising them.  So many have benefited from your contributions!
I so wish, even at this point, that you would be healed.  You will be in my prayers, starting today.  (I've been behind in emails!)  It is Christmastime.  May the One who broke into history and whose birth we celebrate at this time heal your heart completely and give to you eternal life and total peace and joy.

11/30/17 01:49 PM #14    

Anne O'Neal (Finkleman)

Your ability to share a deeply personal story is impressive.  Thank you.  I did not know you at HPHS, but I recognized your name and want to express my admiration.  Mark Panther and Ted Repsholdt also helped me when I was a new student from a town smaller than our high school.  I returned to teach at Highland Park for thirty years and really appreciate your succes in spite of a terrifying home situation. 

12/01/17 10:34 AM #15    


Ronald Weiland

Dear Faith, I do remember you. Words cannot define the thoughts you wrote to me I felt I had to respond by saying You are in my prayers also. With this forum, after 60 years I think it's nice that people sometimes are not all that newsy and really reflect back on some of the difficult times they have endured.

I don't mean to go all " Ann Landers" but if we had a meaningful event of any kind, I personally would like to know that along with the positive. Here, we all have a bond we just never, ever forget and no matter what was then, this is now. We all have a common bond that out of 350 million people in America, we all landed in the same High School and then ventured out into the populist and did our thing. That is why I say I love each and every one of you. Thanks once more, Faith. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you.  Ron


01/01/18 07:17 AM #16    


Steven Seiler

Ron-I have just now read your story and want to tell you how impressed I am , as so many others of our classmates are, at what you have achieved and the contribution you have made through a wonderful and productive life. I of courses remember you as we were in Ted’s home room together. I had no idea though of what your life was back then and I applaud you for your openness and sharing your story with us. Blessings to you , thank you for your service to this great country and Happy New Year!




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