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01/06/16 06:49 AM #1    

Susan Ronan (Snodgrass)

Thanks Mike!  You're amazing and I know this is a challenge to keep up with.  I thought maybe other classes did the same thing and tried to find friends from other years.  No one seems to be doing what you have accomplished and I can't thank you enough.  I really enjoy seeing the site every week!   Thanks again,  Susan Ronan Snodgrass


01/06/16 10:28 AM #2    

Suzanne Schechter (Bermant)

Happy New Year.  I hope that the class of "59 stays healthy and happy.  Enjoy.  Thank you, Mike (fellow Californian) for doing all of this.

Suzanne Schechter Bermant

01/07/16 09:18 AM #3    


Gene Altman, M. D.

Happy New Year to all our classmates. Wishing everybody a wonderful and joyous year filled with laughter and love. I'm looking forward to our 60th in 2019. Hard to believe. Meanwhile, we've moved to Treasure Island, FL, in the Tampa Bay area so if anybody is coming out this way let's get together.

01/07/16 01:00 PM #4    


Howard Greenberg

I really enjoy getting the update notices from our classmates.  Thanks Mike for making it possible.

Happy, Healthy, and wonderful New Year to all!!  Marla & I are back in Coral Gables, Florida now after 

a wonderful 5 months in Asheville NC. Enjoying the weather, children, and grandchildren.  I am now

5 weeks into rehabing my hip replacement and hope to be back on the tennis and golf course in a few weeks.

Best to all!!

Howard Greenberg

01/08/16 11:45 AM #5    


Sally Stillson (Bartlett)

Happy New Year Everyone!  I am doing a little PR today for an anthology that was published on Amazon today that I am part of. My first published work via entering writing contest and being selected.  After letting family, friends and facebook buddies know, I thought why not let my HPHS classmates know too?  There is a 99 cent special rate today for anyone who buys it.

It is only an ebook, but kindle readers are available to be downloaded free for reading if you don't have one.  My story is in the first volume under departures, as it is the rather sad story of losing my son Bryan to alcoholism at age 48.


01/09/16 09:13 AM #6    


David Palmer

Dear Sally:

Congratulations!  One's first sale is a heady experience.  I hope you get to see your work in hardcopy, too.  The first time I saw my name on a real Analog cover, in the real book section of a real major food chain store in the real city of Gainesville, surrounded by a throng of real shoppers in their dozens, the university shifted slightly and I had a moment of giddiness which was difficult to distinguish from dizziness.

Keep up the good work…!

David R. Palmer

01/09/16 04:44 PM #7    


Jennifer Dubach (Duskey)

Sally, thank you so much for sending this link.  I just downloaded the book onto my Kindle.  I read your article and found it gripping, and tremendously moving.  Then I also downloaded your ebook, Mother of an Alcoholic.  I hope you write more and publish more; you have such a gift for putting feelings into words.

01/13/16 05:21 PM #8    


Sally Stillson (Bartlett)

Very sad news:  just found out my BFF from HPHS Janet Ann Bruce passed away today.  I will try to write up something for the in memory section, but wanted those of you who remember her to know.



01/14/16 07:59 AM #9    


Susan Parker (Curra)

Hi Sally.  So sorry to hear about your loss.  Although I don't remember her, its hard to lose our BFF's!  More of that will be happenning.  Best regards.  Susan Curra

01/14/16 09:13 AM #10    

Rosalie Ward (Delaney Neuwirth)

I'm sorry about Janet Bruce, Sally. You and I and the Deerfield kids remember her well from our Grammar School Days. Remember when she lost her mother and then, later, her father married our Third Grade teacher, Mrs. Turner?  That was a big deal in those days...  I have a mental pix of Janet at age nine with pigtails. Thank you for letting us know, Delaney.

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