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12/01/17 10:34 AM #14    


Ronald Weiland

Dear Faith, I do remember you. Words cannot define the thoughts you wrote to me I felt I had to respond by saying You are in my prayers also. With this forum, after 60 years I think it's nice that people sometimes are not all that newsy and really reflect back on some of the difficult times they have endured.

I don't mean to go all " Ann Landers" but if we had a meaningful event of any kind, I personally would like to know that along with the positive. Here, we all have a bond we just never, ever forget and no matter what was then, this is now. We all have a common bond that out of 350 million people in America, we all landed in the same High School and then ventured out into the populist and did our thing. That is why I say I love each and every one of you. Thanks once more, Faith. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you.  Ron


01/01/18 07:17 AM #15    


Steven Seiler

Ron-I have just now read your story and want to tell you how impressed I am , as so many others of our classmates are, at what you have achieved and the contribution you have made through a wonderful and productive life. I of courses remember you as we were in Ted’s home room together. I had no idea though of what your life was back then and I applaud you for your openness and sharing your story with us. Blessings to you , thank you for your service to this great country and Happy New Year!




03/01/18 01:00 PM #16    


Ronald Weiland

Greeting Everyone,

I truely wish I could be present and share some fun times at our up in coming class Renunion,

Due to some Health issues I will not be able to make it. I was diagnosed with a rare but eventuelly fatal Diesese

called pulmonary hypertension, a by product of my Two open heart surgeries and Aortic Valve Replacement I did at Scripps Heart Institute in La Jolla, California and another at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona.

I am perfectly fine with it as I have lived on the edge my entire life, so just another Challange.

I want to personally say hello to all my Dear Classmates and Their Spouses as we all approach this next year with Optimism. We have all been lucky along the way, it's still a time to Celebrate our friends, family, and our

gratefulness for the lives we have been given. God Bless You All.

With Fond Memories,

Ronald Weiland  ( Ron)

03/02/18 07:54 AM #17    

Michael Addison

Ron, thank you for your heartfelt good wishes. I am sure the entire class reciprocates and wishes you the best of luck with your battle.  You have added a whole new dimension to the website and allowed many of us who have not seen you since 1959 a perspective into your life that none of us could have imagined. We have all had challenges and seeing how you faced yours is a lesson in life.

03/02/18 08:22 AM #18    


Steven Seiler

Ron-- i agree with Mike's sentiments!  Be well and Blessings to you!

03/04/18 10:26 AM #19    


Penny Allderdice (Weisskopf)

Dear Ron, 

I don't know what to say, except I read your account of your life in H.P., and the very unfortunate

circumstances of your upbringing with sadness. I don't remember any of the incidents you recount

about high school. However, you seem to have overcome those issues in a very striking way,

which gives hope and courage to us all. In much the same way that you're facing this health challenge, 

I'm sure we all wish you the strength and love you need going forward. 

After all, all there is, is love.

Many blessings, Penny Allderdice Weisskopf


03/05/18 05:48 AM #20    

Frederick Asher

Ron, there are some new and amazingly helpful pulmonary hypertension medications, most of them FDA- approved in the past three years.  They are expensive, so one needs good insurance, but they are also life-saving.  Talk to your cardiologist or pulmonologist about them.  Also see the Pulmonary Hypertension Association website that also includes clinical trials.  Rick Asher

06/06/18 09:44 AM #21    


Ronald Weiland

Hello Classmates,

Update to those who care.

The Political Unrest in California, The Fragile Economy and the volatile Real Estate market,

all created by the Liberal establishment prompted me to sell my property in Mill Valley, California. Like to be ahead of the curve. I kept my boat and am having it taken down to the harbor in Houston, Texas.


I underwent Tests at UTexas, The University of Texas where they have incredible studies going on for Pulmonary Hypertension, an incurable disease.

The Results were not good showing and an increased decline in my Heart function.

I had to make a decision between Hospice and going it alone. I chose to go it alone and have relieved my wife of any and all responsibility for my care, she has been so terrific. I hired a woman from Guatemala who will be my friend and support, I hate all the low-level titles put on people that help us along the way.

Words like Maid, Caretaker, Cleaning lady, These folks, if Legal deserve respect for the love and things they do, but that is just me.

She is my friend and friends help friends, right?

I have been having fun at the Dallas Wholesale Market which is huge, we are doing our home in a lovely Oriental flavor, as a former Wholesaler I have some great contacts there.

I am happy the reunion has formed up and I wish I could attend, unfortunately, I can't make the trip.

Enjoy each other and the moment, if you think about 60 years it is an incredible event.


Ron Cole Weiland..( using my middle name in memory of my Mom's maiden name.)

06/07/18 11:01 AM #22    


Gene Altman, M. D.


Thank you for your post. I hope you consulted with UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, as they along with Houston Methodist are the accredited pulmonary hypertension association centers inTexas. But really, hats off to you for facing your future with such courage and grace. We '59ers are all on the short end of life now, so may we each one of us follow your example when the time comes. I'll give you best advice I ever got. It was from my mother  on her 95th birthday. She said, "Life is short, have fun."


06/07/18 11:39 AM #23    


Judie Kraft (O'Connor)

My husband's Dr was with UT Southwestern. I certainly recommend it.

My husband, and I, also benefitted from Hospice. We had 24/7 care during the last 6  months of Dick's life but that care did not do what Hospice does. I hope you will look into using Hospice services again. They helped me through the end and after. It was much needed support.


10/19/18 12:08 PM #24    

Joel Hochberger

Hi gang,

  I recently had a thought that I'd like to share here.  Hope it makes sense.  If not - oh well, I'm not very busy today and it won't take me very long to write it. :)  Anyhow, here goes:

Like all of you who follow these pages, I frequently (seems as though it's TOO frequently) get notices mentioning a classmate who recently died.

These notices are always followed by comments from our fellow classmates. And many of the comments say things like, "___________ and I were good friends at _________.  I'll never forget the time when the two of us __________.  I'll miss him." 

Or  sometimes they'll say, "I didn't know _______ very well, but I'll always remember her great sense of humor. Rest in peace ______.." 

Or sometimes, they'll say "________ and I were very close friends in high school.  And we maintained that friendship through college,  After that, for no particulary reason, we somehow drifted apart.  But I'll always remember his wit, his kindness, and his generosity to others.  If fact, he was truly one of the nicest people I've ever met and he was truly one of those people who made the world a better place.  I'll miss him very much."

Now, here's the "problem" with these comments::  Although all of these comments are sincere and well-written, the person who died never gets a chance to read them!  That, of course, is because the person is dead! 

Having said that, here's my "big idea." (It's a four-step process.)

Step one:  Take a look at the names of all of our classmates. (That's easy to do 'cause they're all listed on this site.)

Step two:  Ask yourself, "If that person's name suddenly appeared on the "In memory" section of this site, would you add a comment?" 

Step three:  Ask yourself, "What would that comment say?"

Step four:  Contact that person and say to that person what you would have said if that person died.

That's it!  It just seems like a good idea to tell a person that you liked or loved that person instead of telling the rest of us after the person is "gone". 

And just one final thing:  I recently followed my own advice.  I contacted somebody from our class who I was very close to in high school, but hadn't seen for many years.  I said to him, "I just wanted to tell you that you are one of the nicest people I've ever met!"  He laughingly said "Thanks. I think you're a great guy too. But what inspired this email?"  I responded, "Some day you're going to die.  When you do, I'll write something really nice about you.on the HPHS 1959 website. But it occurred to me that you're not going to read it. So I wanted to say it to YOU right now."   Although we both kinda laughed about it, it really made me feel good and I'm sure it made HIM feel really good too. .       


02/20/19 06:24 PM #25    


Barbara Hammerman (Brody)

Well said.

02/21/19 07:31 AM #26    


Bob Rubin

Joel...I agree completely. I think that we made contact prior to the 50th

but fell out of touch after that.  I had planned to do your eulogy but that

is really pointless when we could connect and create it together.

With the wives (still hve mine after 51 years)?. Any you?

Rememberingly yours,

Bob Rubin.


P.S. Can you still do the presidents of the USA...backwards?  It would be

okay to leave off the last one. wink.

02/23/19 04:12 PM #27    


Gene Altman, M. D.

Joel and all, thank you for your good words. Too much of the time we go through life speaking our minds but not our hearts. We '59ers shared the privelige of growing up together, and for that I feel forever bonded with everyone. At our 50th I saw the high schooler in every late 60's face.


06/27/19 05:02 PM #28    


Ronald Weiland

I want to wish one classy woman a big Happy Birthday. July 4, 2019, Happy Birthday to Judith Pettengale

She was a lovely young Woman walking around the halls where I used to roam in our HPHS days.

Although we were not close friends and had different Social circles when she would pass, she would always say " Hi Ron" and I often wondered how she knew me. Years upon years later she wrote me a kind note, and when I read that, I thought "some people, like nice people just never change.

Happy Birthday Judith and have many more with your beautiful family

Your Friend

Ron Weiland

06/28/19 09:35 AM #29    

Judith Pettingell

Thanks, Ron. That was a lovely note.

Just yesterday when making plans for three of us who all have our birthdays around the same time to celelbrate I mentioned that I never thought years ago I'd live to be this old, mostly because it just seemed so old. Now, of course, I think it's great to have 2 terrific sons and 3 amazing grandsons and am well enough to want a lot more time to watch those grandsons grow into adulthood. I was disappointed to learn a few days ago that my good friend Carolyn Thorsen Kanzler is facing some upsetting problems with what was to be the final sale of her large property outside of Dallas and willl probably not make it back to our reunion but look forward to spending some extra time with Marbeth Cohn Berkoff and her husband, not to mention my sister her her husband, John Scornavacco. When I asked her what was up with a Bocce court as the venue with our Saturday night get together, she assured me it was definitely an excellent choice.  I'm looking forward to seeing seeing some old (old) friends but sad and missing those who are no longer with us.

As a former serious soccer mom (with a son in his mid-40s who still plays as do each of his 3 sons) I'm looking for4ward to watching the USA Women's team play France this afternoon. France has an excellent team so it will be an exciting and intense event. Johm Scornavacco used to tease me b y saying that it was a boring game because the teams just kicked the ball to one end and then back to the other with barely any pojints ever scored. Wow, was he ever wrong!!!

I know you have had some healthy issues, but I hope this finds you in a good place, Ron.



09/04/19 01:32 PM #30    


Allan March.

I have prepared a 12-minute slideshow of our '59 Downbeat album narrated by John Wollens with play-by-play from Eric Engberg and photos from our Little Giant '59 Yearbook.  I hope this tickles your funny bone and refreshes your memory en route to our 50th Reunion. To access the slideshow, go to and enter "Highland Park High School '59 Downbeat."  See you at the reunion September 13th and 14th.  Allan 

09/05/19 01:45 PM #31    

Karen Cheli (Sullivan)

That is awesome, Allan.  I can't wait to see it.  I, too, am looking forward to the reunion.  Thanks again!  See you there!

09/09/19 08:36 AM #32    


Jennifer Dubach (Duskey)

Allen, I just watched the slide show on YouTube, and it really brings back memories. Thank you for putting this together! I wish we could still attend the reunion as planned and see the rest, but my husband Pete had a fall, broke a vertebra, needed surgery, had a drug reaction afterwards, and is still recovering. He is rapidly getting better now with homecare, but can't travel and is not yet at a point where I feel comfortable leaving him without me for a few days, so I won't be at the reunion. Hope it is a huge success and everyone has a great time!

10/04/19 01:52 AM #33    

Michael Addison




Thank you to all of you who helped plan the reunion. It was truly a memorable event. The schedule and venues offered wonderful opportunities to catch up with classmates, which is what I had hoped to do. I look forward to seeing you at the next event. Warmly, Judy

10/04/19 01:54 AM #34    

Michael Addison




The reunion was very special. Thank you, everyone, who diligently worked to make it memorable and to everyone who attended. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of you. Jo Ann Kinzelberg Reynolds

10/04/19 01:55 AM #35    

Michael Addison




It was FABULOUS! Really heartwarming to spend time together! Thank you also, for all you do to keep us connected. Posey got me re-connected!!!

10/04/19 01:56 AM #36    

Michael Addison




I'm sorry that I was unable to attend the reunion. Would you please keep it in the back of your mind to publish a list of those who were in attendance? It would be fun to see who was there. Thank you, Dale.

10/11/19 02:40 PM #37    

Rosalie Ward (Delaney Neuwirth)

Mike Addison:  Thank you for continuing to enhance the web site and, especially, for posting Reunion photos. Since I did not attend the reunion, it is fun to try to guess who's who whenever I can't decipher the name tag. Big Cheers to Mary Rose, Posie, Connie Linari, Donna G. and others for organizing, overseeing and submitting photos to the website. Here's lookin' at y'all, Delaney. (Rosalie Ward Delaney Neuwirth, Class Divine, 1959).

10/11/19 04:11 PM #38    

Karen Cheli (Sullivan)

Thank you all, reunion committee, Mike Addison (grrreat website and photos) and everyone who attended our wonderful 60th reunion.  It was so much fun, so upbeat and so "chill".  It was great to see everyone and share our stories!  I am looking forward to the next one!  Stay healthy everyone!

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