In Memory

Lawrence Lucenti

Lawrence Lucenti

Date of death:  April, 1979

Age:  38

Residence at time of death:  Cuyahoga County, Ohio (Cleveland)

Family:  Wife, no children

Circumstances of death:  Sudden, from apparent heart attack

Larry's life:  The caption under Larry's graduation picture in the "Little Giant" says it all:  "As funny as I can."   He was the Robin Williams of the class, complete with occasionally raw but realistic sound effects.

His parents were immigrants from Italy who settled in Highwood.  That made Larry a proud first generation native-American, but more importantly it made him a determined student of colloquial American English, a subject which he chose to pursue as a mimic and stand up comic.

On top of that, Larry was an inveterate worrier, so the funny-man routine must have sprung in part from insecurity about everything.  There was no "chilling it" in him.   All the world loves a clown, and everyone loved "Bear."   What a shame for the sad sacks of the world that Larry is not around to give them fodder for laughter in hard times such as these.