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Judson Marshall

Judson Marshall

Date of death:   October, 1964

Age:  23

Residence at time of death:  Mundelein, Illinois

Family:  Judson left his parents; a brother, Richard, Jr., and a sister, Mrs. Ann Schepsis


Judson's life:  From West Ridge to Edgewood to HPHS, Jud was always near the top of the list of academic leaders of his class.   It was just accepted  by all of us that he would have the highest test scores in any class he attended.   He was also a topflight musician, serving as accompanist for senior choir.   But he had no hubris about him, no boy genius swagger or show-offishness.   Quiet, almost shy, he never used his intellect as a weapon against anyone.   He went to Cornell University on a Sloan National Scholarship.  He was a shooting star,  headed for great things in whatever field he chose to pursue.  He was attending grad school at Cornell at the time of his death in Ithaca, New York.   Every one of his classmates who heard of this tragic and unexpected death as we entered on adulthood had the same reaction:   It made no sense.   It makes no sense even now.

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11/18/08 06:18 PM #1    

Mardi Jones (Johnston)

What a loss to the world when Jud left.....he was probably the most brilliant mind in our class, although his quiet manner wouldn't have let you see it. His music talent was profound also, and his kindness in sharing it always came in gentle waves.
Mr. Kyle challenged me to play the Halleluia Chorus on the piano for the choir at a Christmas Concert, and I was terrified. Jud sat next to me on the bench, turned the pages and allowed me to plug into his strength for support.....without once ever taking anything away--he could have played it with his eyes closed.
I have missed him, remembered him, and tried to share his gifts as a teacher. He gave me something very special that day and I'm forever grateful.

12/23/08 04:56 AM #2    

Bob Rubin

I did not know Judson very well but I recall I did go downtown with him once to see "Petticoat Junction". Afterwards, we stopped at a music store and discovered we had something in common, our interest in keyboards. I recall playing "dueling pianos" with him and having the best time. He was so friendly and well as brilliant. I do not know why we drifted apart. I regret that. Wow---what a loss. He would have been incredible at whatever he chose.

Bob Rubin

01/03/09 05:27 AM #3    

Barbara Rady (Kazdan)

I remember Judson as a quiet but generous guy who never flaunted his amazing intellect, but shared his insights with us in the context of class discussions. I remember feeling shock and a personal sense of loss when he died, but also recognizing that his enormous potential was lost as well.

01/31/09 12:43 PM #4    

Tom Armstrong (Drewes)

Jud was a good and loyal friend through the elementary and high school years. As young kids we used to do science projects together at his house--he almost electrocuted me one day in one of those experiments! He was so gifted, but not full of himself. Jud had a good sense of humor, and had patient with those of us who had less "upstairs".
His premature passing was a tragic loss, and possibly caused the world to miss out on some truly great accomplishments that might have been.
I still think of him from time to time.

09/12/11 07:39 AM #5    

Jill Henner (Dailey)

When I heard of Jud's passing, I felt a personal loss.  I knew him best as an incredible musician and wonderful person.  I remember giving him a very special piece of sheet music ... it was a rhapsody by Ernst von Dohnanyi.  I never heard a prettier piece of piano music and I hope he is still playing it today and making the angels smile.   

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