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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Mesa, AZ USA
Spouse/Partner: Walter Wilde Bartlett 1959-1981
Occupation: Retired Admin Assist/Freelance Writer
Children: Children--Robin, born 1960; Bryan, born 1962, deceased 2010; Brooke,born 1963--Grandchildren, Tony 1985 More…and Gina 1987 (Robin's) and Brynne 1993 and Bryce 1995 (Brooke's)

Update 2020. This past year was pretty eventful in my two daughters lives more than mine. My oldest daughter got a divorce after 35 years of marriage and my younger daughter lost her fiancé of 10 years to death. I now have two single daughters for the first time in over 30 years. Each of them also has a new dog so I have two new grand doggies! As for me I got a piano for my birthday last year and after over 20 years of not playing at all I am having a wonderful time we discovering my love of playing. I am still pretty healthy living alone with my two cats and enjoying life although I do not like to travel much anymore, that’s why I didn’t come to the reunion.

Update 2014 I moved twice this past year! I have come to the place in life where I do not want to be a homeowner as a single woman with maintenance to worry about. I want a nice cozy little apartment now with someone to call for maintenance problems. Found what I thought was perfect, only to realize I was wrong after 6 months and found something I liked better...Thus TWO moves in a year. Do NOT recommend it. I have made some good strides in my writing career. I not only write short articles and blogs by request on one website but I have a business arrangement now with a man in the UK to supply him with as many articles or blogs on ANY subject I choose! WOW I am having fun with this. I feel like a reporter or investigative journalist or something, and it is very nice. Great outlet for a retired person like me.
Update 2011: Lost my son Bryan last December (on Wally's Birthdate--12/11) to Alcoholism. He struggled with it his whole life and the sadness of losing a child is so strong...but the rest of my family is here in AZ around me and I can be happy with that. None are married yet, so no great grandchildren yet...although Tony is 26 and Gina is 24. Brynne and Bryce are in HS and Brynne will be going off to college next year hopefully with an academic scholarship....she has a 4.0++ gpa....don't know how that happened in our family! lol I was one of the first in our class to hit the big 7-0 last Feb---quite a shock! But I get a kick out of still looking and acting younger. The family just spent a couple days at the Point Hilton Tapatio Peaks in Phoenix and I actually went down this huge water slide! I am very active in my over 55 Mobile Home Park where I am retired, and I do the calendar and newsletter and social events work among other things. I have 2 cats now for company and love the can find me on Facebook any time of day!

I kept diaries for the entire 4 years of HPHS! I condensed some entries that make mention of things we might remember from that time period and posted them in our Message Forum if you want to have a few giggles!

Wow 50 years! How on earth did that happen! I have been through many "stages" of life and found out that I am a "Door Closer" and move on quite quickly and easily to a new stage and don't look back much. Not sure if this is good or bad, but it is me.
I had the married stage right after HS at age 18, had 3 children by age 22, and pretty much a stay at home Mom and Wife for 15 years. I was married to Wally Bartlett our Junior Prom King if you remember, and getting married too young finally caught up to us and we divorced after 20 years. Wally did remarry, but unfortunately he died of cancer in 2002 at the much-too-young age of 60. In many ways I feel like a widow now, even though we had been divorced.
I went through my career phase in the 1970s and 1980s going to college in the evenings and working as a trainee at work in the computer field, attaining my goal of Computer Programmer-Analyst and enjoying jobs with several companies until all my past experiences and expertise culminated in the best job of my life--my final 7 years before retirement where I was the Admin Assistant to the CIO and VP of MIS at the headquarters for Crate & Barrel in Northbrook, IL. I now am retired and living in Arizona, but still do computer work at home for my daughter Robin's company.
Other stages of my life included Sports (Avid bowler and golfer), Social (hung with a crowd from work), Grandmothering (started in 1985 and I have 4 now--23, 21, 15 and 12), Theatrical (was in community theatre for 10 years as an actress, board member, costumer and back stage person), Dating (started dating again at age 57 but right now still single and looking) and the stage I am in now...RETIRED, THINKING OF NOTHING BUT BEING HAPPY!

In 2012 I found the perfect retirement job, and finally fulfilled my journalism itch! The internet is a wonderful thing and I consider myself computer savvy. I am a freelance writer of articles and website content on a website called Fiverr. I can pick and chose which assignments to accept and have received some wonderful comments about my writing which is good for the ego!

School Story:

I always had the urge to be an actress hidden deep inside me...I took Drama and even had Mrs Olson the drama teacher as my session teacher and we were located beneath the stage...a great omen I thought. Never joined Garrick though...wish I had. story:
Sophomore year I tried out for the Spring play "Dear Ruth" and made recalls for the lead! I was so excited and auditioned again against a Junior girl Margie Embich. Well the powers to be told me it was a close call, but since Margie would be graduating sooner and I still had 2 years left, they gave her the part. In my Junior year, I was going to try again, but I made the Senior Penguin club and had to make a I was proud and honored to be a part of that show that overlapped the same time period. Ok...Senior year...had to be my year to finally act in a Spring Play and satisfy my passion...right? Wrong! They chose a musical and I CAN NOT SING! That was one of my biggest disappointments of HPHS. But 22 years later I became a thespian after all when I joined Village Theatre Community theatre in Palatine, IL and enjoyed 10 yrs of acting. I was right...I loved every minute.

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Aha! I found the photo in the 1959 yearbook! It was a student stunts production That I forgot about. I had been in student stunts sophomore year I think! This is really bizarre that’s some thing we did 60 years ago foretold a future event ( sort of). Thanks for the memory! I didn’t know you very well but I think I recognized you in the photo on the far right side toward the front?

Jan 07, 2021 at 1:02 PM

Allan, how come I do not remember that? I took drama and journalism and had Mrs Olson the drama teacher as my homeroom under the stage and yet all I can remember is the controversial Christmas play I was in as a narrator and Linda Thompson was sotto voce and also the fact that I had waited until my senior year to fulfill my wish to be in the spring play and then they did A musical and I can’t sing! Ha ha I will have to look up my 1958 yearbook and check this out. All I know is that In real life chaos at the capital was not a comedy!

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I want to be the first classmate to wish you "Happy 79th Birthday" in advance, Sally. In your latest posted photo, you look young and carefree and in charge of your life. How many people can say to you: "I remember when you were one of my most favorite classmates in Kindergarten at Deerfield Grammar School"? LOL, Delaney.

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Nancy was one of my dear friends in high school and part of my "group"… Had lots of fun at slumber parties talking about boys! I shared the love of journalism with her too and we had fun Working on the shoreline.Wish I had spent more time with her at the last reunion.

Feb 13, 2020 at 4:04 PM

Still doing fine healthwise and happy living in the valley of the sun with my two cats. Got a piano last year for my birthday and have just been enjoying getting back to playing! Lotta changes in the last year for my two daughters one got divorced after 35 years and one lost her fiancé of 10 years to illness. Posted a picture of them first time I had two single daughters in over 30 years.

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Hello everyone! I will not be attending this year's reunion and doubtful any in the future. I am still in good health, retired in the Valley of the sun in AZ with my 2 cats Riff and Raven but really don't care to travel anymore. plus, and this was a big plus....the air went out of my sails and my enthusiasm for reunions really took a hit when Eric Engberg left our planet. I loved working with him both back in HPHS and on the 50th reunion. Hope you all have a great time. My new master photo is me and my daughters Robin in back and Brooke to my left.

My family of daughters and 4 grandkids still are either living out here in AZ also or are temporarily absent. My granddaughter Brynne is in law school in Boston and my granddaughter Gina is a manager of a restaurant at Lake Powell near the Arizona Utah border. My grandsons Tony and Bryce are working and living in Arizona. None of my grandchildren are married and there are no great grandkids in my life.

PS I got a piano for my 78th birthday and am enjoying playing again!

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Omg Susan, we had such a good chat last night! So envious of your creative accomplishments your fairies are so beautiful! Now that I am not working at all I think when I look back my most satisfying work was when I was trying to run a costume business. I was always getting close when I was young and I think I had dreams of being a designer of some type. Anyway I lived so close to you and saw you so much and was surprised shocked at some of your disclosures on here to other classmates I guess I was pretty naïve. Sorry I wasn’t a better friend!

Oct 13, 2017 at 11:38 AM

Trying a volunteer job now as a literary tutor. My students is a 46-year-old grandmother who left school at 16 to have six kids and now wants to get her GED .

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Haven’t written since 2014 and I am still in my cozy little apartment but I have another retirement now and that is from writing. It was nice while it lasted but the man I was working for in the UK was not making his goals and has closed all those websites but it is all right with me I am a door closer No regrets. Since I last wrote I rescued another kitten from my apartment complex where it was abandoned in 2015 and had three cats for couple years until my beloved Romeo became sick and died this year age 13 so I still have two Raven and riff who are my sun and stars ha ha. Made it back to Illinois this summer to visit my brother who is 83 and still lives in Wheeling and found the 70° summer weather a great reprieve from our Arizona heat. If we have a 60th reunion at this time I am planning to go so that I can visit him again. My main goal in life right now is just to stay healthy enjoy my freedom and my cats and try not to stress too much about who is POTUS!

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